Welcome To Balaji Green Gold Associates Pvt. Ltd. - Since 1978

Incorporated as a private limited company with registrar of companies, Tamilnadu. Over 36 years in the field of Horticulture.

Our Expertise:

- Establishing farmhouses
- Cultivate, Grow, Produce, Develop Avenue, Vegetable and Fruit products
- Supply high quality Agri Gel (Super Absorbent Polymer) USA Product
- Hydroseeding (Hydroseeder Machinery & Air application) Capabilities. Tie up with HMI - USA.
  *On any soil (Rich, Black, Stale, Mined spoils etc)
- Supply Hydroseeding Advanced Mulch that provides cost effective means for vegetation projects
  *Erosion Control, Mine Reclamation, Lawn Care, Highways Crub Greenery and Golf Courses.
- Hydroponics Culture in around 1000 Acres
- Supply and install RMP (Ready Made Plants) 
  *Minimum land required for these types of projects are 500 hectares
- Buy, Acquire on lease, Sell, Exchange, Mortgage related to agriculture and horticulture properties and dairy farms.
- We act as dealers, exporters and agents in all kinds of agriculture and horticulture products

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